Molitics News


Molitics, is a revolutionary sociopolitical media platform that is transforming the way we access and consume political news and information. We provide a comprehensive, reliable, and unbiased source of news and stories related to leaders, political parties, social issues, election results, caricatures, and real-time surveys.

At Molitics, we are committed to eliminating and filtering the fake political information that is all too prevalent on digital platforms. Our innovative mechanism is designed to promote unbiased media and journalism, and we only verify media companies, leaders, political parties, and journalists to ensure that the correct information is delivered to the public. Unlike other platforms, we do not verify random influencers.

Our platform empowers the public to raise their concerns and issues by tagging their local and national leaders. These concerns and issues will be visible on their profile, giving users a sense of comparison between various leaders and parties. Therefore, bridging the gap between the government and the citizenry.